Markscheider Kunst - На связи

00:02 Opening titles. Meeting Masha and Maxim

Счастье@ru (tr. - Happiness@ru)

Markscheider Kunst

00:03 Masha plays this song for Maxim when Lera enters the studio



00:05 Maxim and his friends discuss his departure to Germany

Перекресток (tr. - Crossroads)

Kirill Pirogov

00:08 Masha loses her mobile phone while crossing the road and Maxim picks it up



00:14 Masha plays this song for "everyone who is in love". Maxim listens to it and rides a bike


Markscheider Kunst - На связи

00:17 Maxim waits for Masha near the subway station

Решетка (tr. - The Lattice)

Kirill Pirogov

00:22 Masha goes home after being late for a meeting with Maxim. She walks along the lattice of the park and listens to its squeak

Летний дождь (tr. - Summer Rain)

Uncle. L

00:34 Maxim throws out his photos with Marina, but then notices a tramp who has fished them out of the dump and looks through them. Maxim comes and takes all the photos back

Вне зоны доступа (tr. - Out Of Coverage)

Gorod 312

00:40 Maxim is delayed by the police officer, and Masha leaves

По волнам (tr. - Over The Waves)

Via Chappa

00:44 Masha plays this song. Maxim roams about St Pete and looks at different buildings. He notices Marina with her fiance in the cafe but refuses to enter

Маня (Manya)


00:51 Masha phones to her acquaintance to bail Maxim out of jail

Возьми меня (tr. - Take Me)

DJ Kefir

01:02 Maxim's farewell party. He freaks out and leaves

Такие девчонки (tr. - Such girls)

Мумий Тролль

01:07 Masha leaves the recording studio and they miss each other again. Masha goes home and Maxim roams about the streets

Вокализ (tr. - Vocalization)

Kirill Pirogov

01:13 Maxim and Masha talk on the phone at night. She is sitting on her windowsill and he - on the bridge

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