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I Loved Him/ Oliver Quick!

Anthony Willis

This song can be heard while the opening title card is shown.

Have a Cheeky Christmas

The Cheeky Girls - Have a Cheeky Christmas - Single

Oliver and Michael play pool in a nearby room while everyone else is having a good time at the college Christmas party because they were not invited.

Felix Amica

Anthony Willis

Oliver enjoys himself with his newfound friends, and their bond deepens exponentially.

This Modern Love

Bloc Party - Wedding Crashers (Music from and Inspired by the Film)

Oliver visits the bar where Farleigh and Felix congregate, but he chooses not to approach them for a conversation.

Felix's Suite

Anthony Willis

After Oliver’s father dies, Felix takes Oliver to carry out one of his family’s customs.

Journey to Saltburn

Anthony Willis

If Oliver is unwilling to stay at his place, Felix invites him to spend the summer at his Saltburn home.

Time to Pretend

MGMT - Time to Pretend - EP

Oliver, Felix, and Felix's family are enjoying each other's company and getting along great.

Venetia's See-Through Night Dress

Anthony Willis

Under the moonlight, Oliver and Venetia share a kiss outside the manor.

Low (feat. T-Pain)

Flo Rida - Step Up 2 the Streets (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The song is sung on a karaoke machine by one of the partygoers.

Rent - 2018 Remaster

Pet Shop Boys

Oliver calls Farleigh to finish the song after Farleigh forces him to sing it on the karaoke machine.

Mr. Brightside

The Killers - Hot Fuss

In the car, Oliver and Felix sing the song together.

Perfect (Exceeder)


People are having a great time at Oliver's birthday party while dressed as amazing characters.

Spit Roast

Anthony Willis

While Farleigh takes drugs at his birthday party, Oliver appears upset.

Loneliness - Radio Cut


The dance club is filled with people dancing, but Oliver is by himself once more because Felix was upset with him for lying about his parents.

Lord of all hopefulness (Slane)

Traditional Irish

The same family custom that Felix had demonstrated to Oliver when he revealed the death of his father was being observed at Felix's funeral.

Almost None

Anthony Willis

Oliver is the one left to inherit Saltburn after everyone dies, with Elspith still on her deathbed.

Murder On The Dancefloor

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Oliver's dastardly scheme works, and he dances around Saltburn in his undies.

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