Who's Johnny

El DeBarge - 202 Motown Songs: The Complete No. 1s

00:29 While Stephanie is showing Number Five around her house, she turns on the radio to show him what "music" is, and this song is playing.



00:01 Opening scene. A man at the bar talks about Morality and Justice. Snippets of the string instrument are used throughout the film.


Thierry Durbet - Brass Bang

00:02 The Butcher narrates about his life over a montage of still photographs. [1:25] End credits song.


Phil Davies

00:08 The Butcher complains about his new life with his wife and her mother.

You Should Be Dancing

Bee Gees - Saturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]

01:00 You hear this song playing when Number Five is watching Saturday Night Fever at Stephanie's house.

Mazouk Siderale

P. Paolo

00:08 The Butcher and his wife are at the deli. The wife asks him to get a job there.

More Than a Woman

Bee Gees - Saturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]

01:01 Still watching Saturday Night Fever, Number Five dances with Stephanie while singing along with this song.


Thierry Durbet & Laurent - A Century of Sports - Retrospective

00:10 The Butcher is watching the Roubaix race on TV. His mother-in-law brings in a doctor who is looking for a night watchmen.

Come and Follow Me

Max Carl

01:10 Plays in the background as Stephanie and Newton Crosby talking at the Black Lion Inn.


Jean-Marc Willa-Roza

00:16 The nurse holds The Butcher after witnessing the death of one of her patients. The Butcher narrates about death.

Colonel Bogey March

Sir Malcolm Arnold - The Bridge On the River Kwai (Score from the Motion Picture)

01:14 Number Five whistles this while reprogramming the robots that were sent to capture him.

Justine 70

Bruno Alexiu

00:20 The Butcher watches a porno. He narrates about wanting to be remembered when he dies.


Thierry Durbet

00:28 The trucker plays this song on the car stereo as they drive on the highway.


Zao - Moustique / Patron

00:31 Playing in another room as the Butcher enters his old apartment.

Beat in Concert

Leo Afzelius

00:38 Playing in the woman’s radio as she asks the Butcher for an “exchange”.

Marimba Do

Guy Fanfant

00:49 The landlord stops the Butcher at the front entrance and asks him for rent money.

Close Up

Bruno Alexiu

01:10 A danger card flashes on the screen.

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