Get Over It

Ok Go - OK Go

0:01 Opening song in dorm hallway (& trailer)

Don't Blow It

Eyes Lips Eyes - Don't Blow It - Single

0:06 Jake chases girl (Hannah) down the street


Sonny & The Sunsets - Antenna To the Afterworld

0:24 Lainey meets friend for coffee after hooking up with Matthew at his office


Miniature Tigers - Cruel Runnings

0:25 & 1:38 band playing in bar when Jake & Lainey meet up & Credits, Second song of credits


Miniature Tigers

0:26 Xander & Naomi meeting Lainey at the bar

Love Me

The Echo-Friendly

0:36 & 1:24 Lainey sees Matthew jogging and she tries to chase him. And when Jake punches Matthew at the brunch place

Jingle Bells

Sugar & The Hi Lows

0:39 Lainey gets medical school acceptance letter and goes TV shopping with Jake

Bap U

Party Favor - Bap U - Single

0:42 Jake & Thea sex montage

Open Season

High Highs - Pitch Perfect (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Special Edition]

0:55 Jake and Lainey on the boat. Jake asks Lainey to go to his friend' son birthday party

Modern Love

David Bowie - The Best of David Bowie 1980/1987

0:57 Lainey dances with the kids at the birthday party

Come On

Mikhael Paskalev

1:12 Jake and Paula have sex

Wolf Like Howls From the Bathhouse (S.E. Land Otter Champs)

Sonny Smith - 100 Records, Vol. 3

1:15 Lainey in Jake's apartment after seeing Matthew and his wife at the lawyer party


High Highs - Open Season (Deluxe Edition)

1:21 Lainey and Jake say goodbye before she leaves to Michigan & kids soccer game

Fuck It and Whatever

The Echo-Friendly - Love Panic

1:34 Leaving Matthew's office & Credits

F**k It and Whatever

The Echo-Friendly - Love Panic

1:34 Leaving Matthew's office & Credits

Fuck It and Whatever

The Echo Friendly - Love Panic

Comes at the very end before the credits

We Bounce

Eric V. Hachikian

Where they are laying in bed talking after she saw old boyfriend when she was on date

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