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House Of Pain

Walter Afanasieff

00:05 Nicholas meets Conrad at a restaurant, Conrad provides Nicolas a voucher for a "Game" offered by a company called Consumer Recreation Services as a gift.

In The Mall

William Loose

00:15 Nicholas arrives at the Consumer Recreation Services lobby.

Icy Blue

Vise Grip & The Ambassadors

00:21 Nicholas meets his fellow bankers at the bar, he asks them about CRS.

Hiawatha's Lullaby

The Red Clay Ramblers - Fool Moon

00:22 Second song at the bar; the banker tells Nicholas about the game.

Elevator Song

William Loose, Don Great and Marc Ferrari

00:31 Nicolas sits down at the lobby when he notices a stain on his shirt from the ink from his pen. He goes to the restroom to clean it off. [0:44] Nicolas and Christine take the elevator.

Clair De Lune

Chet Swaitkowski

00:37 Nicolas is at a restaurant when the waitress "accidentally" spills wine on his suit.

Liar's Moon

Vise Grip & The Ambassadors

00:55 Nicholas arrives at the hotel.

White Rabbit

Jefferson Airplane - Platoon and Songs from the Era (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:06 Playing on the speakers as Nicholas finds his house vandalized. [2:03] Final scene, plays into the end credits.


Mathew Sweet - Big Bang Concert Series: Mathew Sweet (Live)

01:20 Nicholas enters Christine's house.

Java Headed Woman (As Heard In the Game)

Dale Peterson - Big Movies, Big Music, Vol. 5

01:35 Barely audible in the distance as Nicholas sits on a bench in Mexcio.

Take Me Baby

Dave Crimmen - Where He Left Off

01:39 Briefly plays in the truck Nicholas hitchhikes on.

Unknown Song

Teresa Teng

01:46 Nicholas enters the Chinese restaurant and asks about Feingold.

Goin' Out of My Head

Willie Bobo - Uno Dos Tres 1-2-3

01:50 Nicholas and Feingold take the elevator. They arrive at the cafeteria.

Life Goes To A Party

Vise Grip & The Ambassadors

01:59 First song at the Nicholas' birthday party; Elisabeth says goodbye to him.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Vise Grip & The Ambassadors

02:02 Second song at Nicholas' birthday party; he looks for Christine.

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