The Eiffels - More - Single

Elle gets into Lee’s car for the first day of school; They pick up Rachel; (repeats) Lee and Rachel kiss in Kissing Booth.

Say Yeah!

Shapes Of Race Cars - Say Yeah! - Single

OMG girls walk into the cafeteria; They talk to Elle.

You Want Some of This

The Unknown

Elle broadcasts her comments about Marco; Lee races through the school to stop her.

What I Like About You

The Romantics - The Romantics: Super Hits

[Original song] Lee and Elle spot Marco singing and playing guitar in the side of the road.

The Best

Royal Teeth - Hard Luck

Elle vs Marco on Dance Dance Mania.

Close to Me (Closer Mix)

The Cure - Mixed Up

Lee steals the school intercom for his big gesture for Rachel.

You're My Gold

Stok - You're My Gold - Single

Elle meets Noah’s hot friend, Chloe.

You're My Air

andy marsh, zach rogue

Elle and Marco on the beach; Elle calls Noah about the concert.

Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein Or Dracula

The Diamonds - The Best of the Diamonds

[Original Song] Marco performs at the Halloween party.

Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein or Dracula

Roy Alfred

Marco performs at the Halloween dance. (wrong artist)


Will Post - Beautiful Love

At the Halloween party, Elle and Marco dance.

This Is The Moment

Tim Myers

Miles and Ollie almost connect at the dance.

Lost in the Wild

Walk the Moon - What If Nothing

Official Trailer; Elle and Marco practice for the competition; (repeats) Marco and Elle perform at the competition.

Turn Up

The Heavy - Hurt & the Merciless

Competitors Performing at DDM Tournament.

The Modern Life

MARKS - The Modern Life

Noah leaving from the competition. Elle runs away from the competition after seeing Noah.

A Summer Thing

Cayucas - Bigfoot

At the beach, Elle and Ollie talk about Miles.

These Are The Best Days

Tim Myers

Noah and Chloe talk and play pool.


Cayucas - Real Life

Elle finds Lee at the arcade.

Be Together


Lee and Elle make up on the dance machine in the arcade.(Wrong Artist)

Be Together

Ni-Ni - Mermaid

Lee and Elle make up on the dance machine in the arcade.

Carry You

Summer Kennedy

Ollie and Miles kiss at the kissing booth.


Eli 'Paperboy' Reed

Before Ollie comes to Kissing Booth

Restless Heart


Elle’s college essay.

We're On The Run

Gold Motel

Lee and Elle share their college news.


Greg Camp - Closer - Single

Elle leaves Marko at the Kissing Booth and goes to find Noah at the airport; Elle finds Chloe.

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