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Scott Stapp

Intro song.



Bert asks his daughter how she feels about her birthday party.

Pop My Pimple

Manish Ayachit

Bert is preparing the grill for Sash's birthday party.

welcome to russia


Bert and his dad plan to escape from the kidnappers after the plane lands.

Volja i razum


Bert discusses the origin of the Machine legend.


Emf - Countdown to the New Year

Bert informs Irina about Igor's secret hiding spot in his wall.

The Fire Has Long Gone Out

Mikhail Gulko

Sponge listens to music in the car while waiting for Irina.

The Sign

Ace of Base - Ace of Base: Classic Remixes Extended

Bert gets ready to hang out with Ashley in her train cabin.


Limp Bizkit

Bert enjoys a party with fellow passengers on the train until his teacher interrupts them.

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