The Mountain Shatter

Beneath Earth and Stone

00:15 Lizard eavesdrops on Boz.

Season of the Riff

Beneath Earth and Stone

00:22 Lizard opens the door and looks at Boz's safe.

Brave Awakening "From Brave Awakening"

Terry Reid

00:17 A young soldier named Shawn arrives at the VFW where the patrons ask for an ID. Walter tells Shawn the story on how he met Fred.


Unsane - Sterilize

00:01 One of Boz's men tells him about the riots outside and a buyer who is willing to buy his products.

Know Your Limits

Jr. Juggernaut - Witch's Hand

00:12 Lou arrives at the VFW and talks with Fred and his friends.

Shadow Hand

Zombi - Shape Shift

00:43 Fred, Lizard and the veterans stock up on guns and weapons.

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