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Miss, Pa-Kiss

11th Hour

While her partner attempts to focus on crafting a new song, Billie turns on the radio in the car.

Paano Na

JM De Guzman

As the hosts make dinner for them, Jecs and Billie take selfies.


JM De Guzman

This song is being recorded in the studio by Jecs and the band. Will is questioned by Jecs about taking a five-minute break.

All There Is

Alessandra De Rossi

While the hosts put up the meal, Billie and Jecs sit on the bench and sing together.

Getting Away

Alessandra De Rossi

Jecs and Billie exchange vows.

I Drop

Bayani Agbayani

On the beach, the boys dance and listen to music. Gina becomes irate when her husband chooses to have fun rather than clean the yacht.

For Always

Alessandra De Rossi

The song can be heard on the end scene and on the credits.

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