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Griffin Newman - Disenchanted (Original Soundtrack)

Montage of Andalasia and the Storyfolk within it; Pip tells the story of Giselle to his children up to her Ever After than moves on to her next book Ever Ever After; Giselle's life after her Ever Ever After in the realm of New York as a wife to Robert and mother to Morgan and Sofia; (repeats) [0:06] (Pip sings) Montage of Giselle, Richard, Morgan and Sofia traveling to suburbia of Monroeville.

Return To The Looking Glass

Eternal Eclipse

Disenchanted Official Trailer Music (2022)

Even More Enchanted

Amy Adams - Disenchanted (Original Soundtrack)

Giselle attempts to convince Morgan change her perspective about things by explaining to her how wonderful their new home and city they moved into is and change her life; (repeats) [0:13] Giselle begins to sing when Morgan interrupts her as they all attempt to sleep.

True Love's Kiss

Amy Adams

Giselle on the balcony of her apartment assures her animal friends that will fine at their new home in Monroeville then reminds them what they need to do if they ever feel lonely.

The Magic of Andalasia

James Marsden

King Edward and Queen Nancy sing to Sofia the rules and knowledge of an Andalasian wishing wind which they have gifted her as her godparents.


Amy Adams

Having given into her Evil Stepmother side, Giselle arrives to the cafe to confront Malvina now the Queen of Monralasia with the threat to dethrone her as she know wants to be Queen of the town; Malvina and Giselle face off as plan to keep deny the other wish; (repeats) [1:52] 2nd End credits song.

Even More Enchanted (Finale)

Amy Adams - Disenchanted (Original Soundtrack)

A true daughter of Andalasia, Morgan is able to make her own wish; With everyone back to normal Giselle sings enjoy as next advenutures and not their Ever Afters; (repeats) [1:55] 3rd End credits song.

Beauty and the Beast

Alan Menken

(Instrumental) People dance at the ball at the festival.

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