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Ryan Bullet Shields

00:58 Background music as Otis is acting in a scene.

Ideal World

Ryan Bullet Shields

01:04 Background music as Otis is acting with the TV Dad.

My Struggles (feat. Mary J. Blige & Grand Puba)

Missy Elliott - The Cookbook

00:02 Montage of Otis doing various movie shoots before getting into a car accident.

I Wish

Skee-Lo - I Wish

00:06 Otis is listening to this song on his headphones as he goes to see his father.


Kid Power Posse - Los Nenes de la Medicina

00:59 Deb is having a party outside at midnight while James helps Otis practice a scene.

Hush: II. How (Hush!)

New Morse Code - Simplicity Itself

00:29 James shows Shy Girl a trick.


Alex Ebert - Alexander

01:11 Otis plays with Shy Girl as his father goes to a strip club.

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