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Highway Patrol

Junior Brown - Guit With It

00:01 First song during the opening credits as Charlie is riding his motorcycle around Rhode Island.

It's Alright

Bret Reilly

00:02 Charlie and Layla have a picnic by the beach.

Wedding Procession

Leslie Pearson

00:03 Charlie and Layla get married at the church and drive to their new house near the ocean.

Any Major Dude Will Tell You

Wilco - Alpha Mike Foxtrot: Rare Tracks 1994 - 2014

00:07 Finneran asks Charlie at the barbecue party why his kids are dark.

Where He Can Hide

Tom Wolfe

00:10 Layla makes out with Shonté before they drive away from Charlie's house, leaving the kids behind. Montage of Charlie spending time with the kids.

Blowin' in The Wind

Jim Nabors

00:12 Jim Nabors in Gomer Plye is singing this song on TV before Charlie changes the channel to HBO.

Sentimental Guy

Jimmy Luxury and The Tommy Rome Orchestra

00:14 Plays in the brother's room as Jamal helps Shonté Jr. with his homework.

I'd Like That

XTC - Apple Venus Volume 1

00:16 Charlie drives to town.

Making The Changes

Syd Dale & Syd Dale Orchestra - Love Isn't Just For The Young Volume 100 (Always On My Mind)

00:19 Charlie is waiting in line at the checkout center at the grocery store when a woman asks Charlie if she could cut in front of him.

Fire Like This

Hardknox - Hardknox

00:20 Charlie turns into Hank. (0:46) Hank watches a man throw a cigarette on the ground. (1:14) Hank stares down at a man for making of fun of him. (1:29) Hank fights Dickie in the train.

Hem of Your Garment

Cake - Prolonging the Magic (Deluxe Version)

00:21 Hank goes around town, punishing everyone that has tormented and mocked Charlie.

Bad Sneakers

The Push Stars - Me, Myself & Irene (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:28 Dickie tells Gerke at the country club about Irene.

The World Ain't Slowin' Down

Ellis Paul - Translucent Soul

00:29 Charlie drives on the highway with Irene when he comes across a cow on the road. (1:45) Hank proposes to Irene, plays into the end credits.


The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Me, Myself & Irene (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:41 Irene knocks out Lt. Gerke as Hank beats Gerke up.

La Cumparsita

Gerardo Matos Rodriguez

00:42 Tango music that plays when Hank twitches his eyebrows.


Max One

00:43 Hank quotes this song after telling Irene his name.

I Love Life

Jimmy Luxury and The Tommy Rome Orchestra

00:44 Jamal hacks into the Pentagon's file and reads Vince Fosters file. Colonel Partington knocks on the door.

Just Another

Pete Yorn - Bandits (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:47 Charlie and Irene leave the hospital after getting beat up because of Hank's behavior. Contiunes playing on the car radio as Charlie tells Irene to call in the Rhode Island State Troopers.


Dwarves - Blood, Guts & Pussy

00:50 Hank is moshing and singing along to the song on the car radio

Monkey In Your Soul

Freedy Johnston

00:52 Hank and Irene dispose of the car in the lake.

Fun at the Fair

Paddy Kingsland - In Character

00:54 Hank and Irene arrive at a carnival. Hank steals an ice cream from a little girl.

Razor Boy

Billy Goodrum - Me, Myself & Irene (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:55 Charlie wakes up in the car with Irene and notices that his face is different.

The Perpetrator

Hipster Daddy-O And The Handgrenades - Armed and Swingin'

00:57 Charlie and Irene chase after the train.


Foo Fighters - There Is Nothing Left to Lose

00:59 A young boy is staring at Charlie while making slurping noises which triggers Hank to confront the kid.

Don't Say You Don't Remember

Sally Taylor and Chris Soucy

01:02 Hank tells Irene about Layla and starts crying.

Can't Find the Time to Tell You

Hootie & The Blowfish - Me, Myself & Irene (Music from the Motion Picture)

01:07 Charlie drives to a gas station where he finds a man parked at a handicapped spot which triggers Hank to vandalize the car. Continues as they are traveling on the highway.

Happy Feeling

Billy Valentine

01:11 Charlie enters Irene's room in the motel and tells her about Whitey's confession.

Only a Fool Would Say That

Ivy - Guestroom

01:14 Charlie returns back to the room with the cokes.


Jim Carrey

01:15 Charlie sings this song as he pours the champagne on the glass.

Chain Lightning

Leon Redbone

01:23 Whitey finds a note left by Charlie and Irene on his car window telling him that it is too dangerous for him. Whitey goes to a gun store and purchases guns and ammo.

Deep Inside of You

Third Eye Blind - A Collection (Remastered)

01:27 Charlie and Irene kiss at the train station.

El Capitan

Alta Mira

01:31 Charlie and Hank fight each other.

Strange Condition

Pete Yorn - Live from New Jersey

01:34 Hank steals a car as he drives back to Rhode Island.

Love Me Cha Cha

Jimmy Luxury and The Tommy Rome Orchestra

01:41 The triplets drop the ladder from the helicopter for Charlie and Irene to climb.

Do It Again

Smash Mouth - All Star Smash Hits

01:50 Second end credits song.

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