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Kick It On Our Bikes

Summer Villains - Canasta

00:01 First song playing on the car radio as Phil and Sarah take their son, Jessie, on a road trip.


THE BOROUGHS - The Boroughs

00:04 Sarah and Phil drink wine with some friends at the dinner party. Phil talks with his friend, Rob, about his wife and how she is coping with the loss of her son.


Burzum - Filosofem

00:11 One of Sarah’s students, Alma, is listening to this song in the middle of class. Sarah takes her phone and places one of the earbuds on ear and briefly listens to the song. (0:21) Sarah is listening to this song again on Alma’s phone at the classroom. Sarah asks Alma for the name of the band. (1:01) Sarah is listening to this song in the middle of class when the dean enters her classroom and tells her to step out.

Too Long Here (with Alex G)

Ryan Hemsworth - Alone for the First Time

00:28 First song at the diner; Pete talks with Phil about the loss of his daughter and his marriage.

Cigarettes & Truckstops

Lindi Ortega - Cigarettes & Truckstops

00:29 Second song at the diner; Pete confesses to Phil his desire to kill the man who took his daugther’s life.

Standfirm DJ

BKR JAMS - Meadowland (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:32 Phil tells the couples at the apartment to turn off their music after a noise complaint from neighbors.

I've Seen All Good People: A. Your Move, B. All Good People

Yes - The Yes Album

00:36 Phil is listening to this on the car radio while driving on the highway before stopping at a gas station.


Handsome Jack - Do What Comes Naturally

00:56 Phil gets into an argument with Rob at the bar for avoiding him.


Burzum - Hlidskjalf

00:57 Phil sits alone at the bar while Sarah is parked outside of Shannon’s house.

Let It Melt

Modern Superstitions - Modern Superstitions

01:00 Phil hands Pete the address of the man who run over his daughter on a piece of paper.


Kid Cudi - Indicud

01:05 Sarah follows Adam’s foster father, Joe, from behind.

Fire Lake

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Against the Wind

01:09 Sarah plays this song on the jukebox. She and Joe talk about Adam. Continues as they have sex at the bedroom.

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