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Can You Hear The Music

Ludwig G├Âransson

The professor asks Robert as to whether he can hear and comprehend the music.

Quantum Mechanics

Ludwig G├Âransson

A quantum mechanics class is being taught by Robert.

Gravity Swallows Light

Ludwig G├Âransson

Robert notices Luis racing down the street as he and Jean go out for a stroll.

Meeting Kitty

Ludwig G├Âransson

Robert offers Kitty a drink inside his home.

Manhattan Project

Ludwig G├Âransson

Leslie is welcomed by Robert in his ideal launch location, Los Alamos.


Ludwig G├Âransson

Before firing the bombs, Robert and his colleagues are testing them.

Dr. Hill

Ludwig G├Âransson

David shows up to give a testimony about Lewis Strauss in court.

Kitty Comes To Testify

Ludwig G├Âransson

Kitty shows up to give a statement in Robert's defense.

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