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When The Roll is Called Up Yonder

Maggie Lewis Warwick

Jem's sister shows her the ring, and later, Heidi introduces her to Ben.

Calvary's Mountain

Clem Clark

Heidi asks Jem about her feelings for Ben in the car.

Were You There

Harry May-Kline

The song plays on the radio while Jem rides with her family, and her dad sings along.



The congregation members sing at the church.

Jesus Came with Music

Rick Greysun

Gem shares a donut with Ben.

You Are The Fire In Me

From The Light

Gem dances to the song in front of her friends.


Jordan Norton

Gem kisses Owen by the lake and writes about it in her journal.

The Gloryland Way

The Chuck Wagon Gang

Gem talks to Owen at the picnic, seeking his attention.


Chuck Johnson

Gem talks to Owen at the picnic, seeking his attention.

Tennessee Rose

Emmylou Harris

Gem enters the bar and scans the area. She approaches the bartender and asks if she can use a phone.

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