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Long Gone

RT N' The 44s

Tim sets a trap, and the police show up at the diner where he's talking to the suspect.

Peligrosa (feat. Mon Laferte)

Lila Downs

Miguel travels with his kidnapper on a plane, then they go to a nightclub to meet a woman.

Braty Puti (feat. Eli Fantasy) - Prod. DJ Blass & Mista Greenz

Tomasa del Real

After talking to Tim, Vampiro goes to the club and informs his partner of a change of plans. He asks him to wear a bow tie as they're going to a classy part of town.

Awa Didjen


Tim follows a man in town on a motorbike, taking pictures of him and the cartel members.


Lila Downs

Paul goes to Cartagena, where Tim introduces him to Vampiro and gives him more details about the plan.

Quien Es el Patron?

Systema Solar - Savages (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Tim and his crew share drinks with the cartel members and finally catch a glimpse of the kidnapped children.

La Maza

Mercedes Sosa

Tim and Vampiro are presented with their badges and proceed to the hospital.

Los Caminos de la Vida


A group of men gather around a bonfire, playing the guitar and singing.

Pienso en Ti


The little girl regains consciousness in the hospital and joyfully reunites with her father and brother.

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