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Look At Me!

XXXTENTACION - Look At Me! - Single

While driving through the neighborhood, Bill plays this song on the vehicle radio.


Buddy Red Bow

As soon as Bill walks inside the house, his mother tells him that he must free his baby's mother from prison because she was arrested.

Indian Love Song

Buddy Red Bow

Bill phones a person to let them know he has their dog.

I don't let go


The men discuss sharing the money and breeding the dog as they are driving.

Gang Shit No Lame Shit

Key Glock

The County Correctional Facility inmate calls Bill on a pre-paid line. Carly requests that he help her out.

Back on Bullshit

Peso Da Goon

Bill takes the stranger he just picked up to Scottsbluff.

Go Pt 1


Before going into the house, Bill plays with the dog after arriving home.

Daddy's Boy

Donna Lee Stokes

Tim and Allison had lunch with Bill. She imparts wine drinking knowledge to him so he can enjoy it.

Bride and Gloom - GR Mix

Classic Cartoons

Children enjoy coffee and cartoons.

Death Threats (Part II)

Nevad Brave

Bill refuses to answer Carly's call. He begins his employment in the factory.



When Bill phones Carly, the song is on the vehicle radio, but she doesn't respond.

In Control

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Bill asks the other passengers in the car if they have any teasers.

Baby Girl

Nevad Brave

To find the dog, the boys go inside the house.

Baby's Gone

Buddy Red Bow

Matho explains to his grandmother that he doesn't feel like going to school that day because he believes he is ill.

All Over

Frank Dope

The children wear masks as they go to the grocery shop.

Eat It Up


The kids consume drinks and smoke.


Peewee Longway

The kids drink and drive.

No More "I Love You's"

Annie Lennox

This song is sung by Allison at the Halloween celebration.

Come and Get Your Love

Redbone - Grown Ups (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

To steal the turkeys, Bill and his friends enter Tim's workplace in the truck.

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