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Lift Your Veil

Lily Chao

This is the opening song. Ever makes an introduction. She claims to be from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, the most unremarkable suburb.

I Am Here

Kylie Odetta

An aerial view of Taipei is shown. Ever recalls attending a school program in Taiwan called The Taiwan Study Tour in Huwei.



Ever recalls that if the trip had Boy Wonder level skill, the program would be a lot better.


Black Match

Ever puts on headphones and pirouettes to this tune.

It's Vexed To Talk About Love

Lily Chao

Students work out on the lawn. The calligraphy instructor informs the class that she does not demand perfection, but rather their best effort.

Lai Zhui Wo Nan You Ba

Xinya An

Sophie assists Ever in getting ready for the club.

Gray Wolf

Erdem Düzgün

Xavier inquires about Ricky and Ever's activities. He then performs a dance in front of the window.



Xavier diverts the security guard's attention.

So High

Wave & Rome

The aunt advises Ever to get out and explore the city.

About The Teddy Bear

Soft Lipa

Rick and Ever are at a food market on the street.

Rainbow Girl

Lily Chao

Xavier explains why the school program is named Loveboat to Ever.

Tired Boy

Joey Pecoraro

Rick informs Ever that she neglected to consume the ginger.

Suit Up


Sophie and Ever go out to eat and take selfies.



Ever agrees to join Rick to a party.

Lyrical Waltz (StingB)

APM Studio Musician

At the party, Rick offers Ever a drink.


Sigrid - Don't Kill My Vibe - EP

Ever demonstrates proper pirouette technique to Xavier.

Summer Love


Ever and her colleagues arrive at her aunt's house to assist with cleaning.



Ever informs her parents that she will not be attending medical school.

Moon Eyes


Xavier and Ever kiss while dancing to this song.

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