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Let's Go

Matt and Kim

Enzo repeatedly tries to pop the question to Monika.


Les Handclaps - Sessions: Brooklyn

To find Ewa, Enzo visits each of his ex-girlfriends.

Lighting The Path Home

Julie Carpenter

Enzo consents to tell Monika everything about Ewa before requesting additional sheets from the front desk.

Polka Staro┼Ťwiecka

Trebunie Tutki

When Enzo calls Monika and lies to her, saying the music is from a folk music festival on TV, the song is playing in the background.


Matt Woodford

Ewa tells Enzo she needs to visit the restroom after trying on some sunglasses at the petrol station. Later, she gets into his car and leaves Enzo and Ania behind.

Today Is The Day


Enzo stays at home with his son and they play after Ewa leaves.

Won't Let You Go

Benjamin Ian Cocks

Before heading to bed, Monika looks through the pictures of her and Enzo.

Here Comes the Bride


While Monika makes her way down the aisle, the song is being performed on the piano.

Sun Will Rise for Love

Katie Thompson

Monika and Enzo exchange vows. Final credits.

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